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2013 Photos & Videos
Denver Colt Starting Challenge July 19 & 20
Warrick Bergroth, Dan Olsen, 
Sean Davies, and Steve Sward

Los Angeles Colt Starting Challenge July 13 & 14
Russell Beatty, Matthew Payne, Steve Boyles
Corvallis, Oregon June 7 & 8
Russell Beatty, Mike Harness, Mia Ramos, & Brant Cothern
Olympia, Washington June 1 & 2
​Russell Beatty, Matthew Payne, Evan Bonner, & Steve Morris
Oahu, Hawaii April 13 & 14
Russell Beatty & Dan Olsen
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Granite Falls, WA Colt Starting Challenge 
September 7 & 8
Evan Bonner, Matthew Payne, 
Eric Neilsen, and Russell Beatty
Sacramento Colt Starting Challenge 
September 14 & 15
Jim Groesbeck, Dan Willeford, 
Sadie Smith, & Russell Beatty
Salt Lake City Colt Starting Challenge 
October 4 & 5
Matthew Payne, Shamus Haws, 
Michael Dow, & Russell Beatty
Durango Colorado Colt Starting Challenge 
October 12 & 13
​Josh Peebles, Victor Sundquist, 
Anne Jacobs, & Russell Beatty