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Colt Starting Challenge USA uses Judges who have experience in starting horses. Also, they are familiar with Natural Horsemanship. 

They score each Contestant giving points on certain criteria. They score each of the Contestants while watching them all of them at the same time. Typically there will be between 4 to 6 round pens with 4 to 6 Horse Trainers. They are able to sit or walk around where they want in the arena. 

It's not an easy task to be a Judge! The Judges are volunteers, who are often back-up Contestants. They are able to bring one person for free to the event each day. 

These Horse Trainers are really talented, and its tough to determine who is better than the other. The Judges' decisions are final. All the scores for each Judge per Contestant are added up and posted each day of the event for both the Contestants and the Audience to see. 

There is a total score for each Contestant after day 1. There is a running score after day 2 round pen work. Then there is a separate score for the obstacle course. The Contestant with the most points wins the Champion Buckle

DIRECTIONS - assign points    
                          0 - not completed
                          1 - completed
                          2 - completed, average  job
                          3 - completed, excellent job

ROUND PEN (Moving the horse in the pen)
Ability to get forward motion
Control of walk, trot, and lope
Difficulty of Horse
Explanation to audience
Horse/saddle striking the panels-
        Judge's discretion up to MINUS 10 PTS

GROUND WORK (Desensitizing the horse)
How the trainer gets the horse settled
Tarps, flag, ropes, ground poles
Getting horse used to saddle & pad
How soft is the horse in the neck & head
Explanation to audience

How prepared is the horse to be mounted
Does horse stand to get on first time
Difficulty of horse
How horse turns and stops
Did Trainer get horse to walk, trot & canter
Ability to get forward motion
Each time bucked off  horse - MINUS 5 POINTS
DIRECTIONS - assign points   
                       0 - not completed
                       1 - completed
                       2 - completed, average job
                       3 - completed, excellent job

Ability to control spookiness
Walk & trot around arena both ways
Canter around arena both ways
On the correct lead and against the rail
Ability to get forward motion
Stop their horse
Get the horse to back up 3 steps
Get off and pick up all 4 feet
Weave thru all poles
Walk thru zig zag poles
Cross tarp
Cross ground poles
Rope the barrel (they then drop the rope)
Drag the log (take rope from top of barrel)
Contestant bucked off MINUS 5 POINTS

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