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​Enter your horse for one of our 
Colt Starting Challenge USA events

Submit your horse to be in the Colt Starting Challenge of your choice for only $200. Pay your $100 deposit now, then pay the other $100 on the day of the event.

Get your horse started, gentled, and ridden by a very experienced  Natural Horsemanship horse trainer right in front of you in just a few hours. 

We will accept your horse if it is either a gelding or a filly between 2.5 and 4 years old. It must never have been saddled, bridled, nor ridden, and is sound. Your horse must be halter broke to able to be lead into the round pen. 

Check out the "Contestant's Info" tab on our web site to see the Contestant's biographies, pictures, and contact information. The Contestants draw for horses on the day of the event. You can also see video of our events on our business Facebook page. You can see what the trainers are doing, and also how the horses turn out.

You must talk to us FIRST before entering your horseWe need to make sure your horse qualifies. Sorry, no full drafts, studs, or mustang horses. Call Cristy at 360-395-8422 to discuss your horse's breed, age, and whether it has ever been saddled, bridled, or ridden. 

It is mandatory for your horse to be boarded overnight at the event. The overnight boarding fee varies by facility, but it usually is $15 to $20 per night. It is self care, bring your own feed. 

$100 deposit to enter each horse

Please state your horse's 
breed, age, and barn name
in the "notes to seller" section
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Rules of Colt Starting Challenge USA
Contestants are to bring their own equipment such as saddle, pad, halter, ropes and any props they may need to work with the horse that they have drawn. No abusing the horse. No blindfolding the horse. The horse cannot be tied up to be saddled. No spurs, tie downs, and no hobbles or leg restraints of any kind. No bits allowed except an O ring snaffle bit. The horse can be ridden with a halter, bozell, or bridle. 
$100 deposit per horse
Place the dollar amount you need to pay in the box below, then click pay now. Please state your horse's 
breed, age, and barn name
in the "notes to seller" section
My Horse 
in a Colt Starting Challenge USA Event

Contestants compete to start, gentle and ride the horse they have drawn using Natural Horsemanship methods. The Trainers draw for horses. You bring your horse 2 hours before the event starts so it can settle in a new place. Your horse must be current on their shots and no super long or split hooves. 

You lead your horse to their assigned round pen half hour before the event starts. Bring your own chairs so you can sit there next to your horse's round pen. One person per horse entered is allowed free each day.

On the first day the Trainers have two one hour sessions to work with their horse in their round pen, with a half hour break in between. All the trainers are working their horses at the same time. They take a turn to explain to the audience, while they are training, what they are doing and why. Generally half the trainers are on their horses and riding them the first day.

On the second day, they have two 45 minute sessions to work with their horse, with a half hour break in between. On the second session they have the choice to leave the round pen and ride in the arena to prepare their horse for the obstacle course. 

​Next the round pens are removed from the arena, and each rider has 12 minutes to ride their horse thru an obstacle course in the arena. In the obstacle course, they will walk, trot, and canter around the arena both directions. They ride over a tarp, weave thru vertical poles, walk thru zig zag poles, 
rope a barrel, and drag a pole. Judges decide the Winner 
and a Buckle is awarded
We do not guarantee that every horse 
will get ridden at our event.  
95% of them are started, gentled, 
mounted, and ridden. 

 If your horse is one of those 5% which spends the whole 3.5 hours bucking, then your horse will obviously need more training time than event allows. If your horse was not ridden, it was a choice made by your Trainer with your horse's best interest at heart. Your horse's well being is our top priority.

Should you decide to withdraw your horse 
from our event after having paid 
your $100 deposit, for what ever 
reason, we will refund $50. 
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