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- 5 ROUND PENS.....

Our National Finals Colt Starting Challenge Event will feature 5 unbroke horses and 5 Natural Horsemanship Trainers who will gentle, start, and ride these horses in just a few hours. These horses have never been saddled, bridled, nor ridden, however they are halter broke. 

On Sunday at 1pm, come and watch all 5 horse trainers work their horses at the same time. They will have two 45 minute sessions to work with their horse in their round pen with a 10 minute break in between. Each Trainer will explain to the audience, one at a time, what they are doing and why as they work with their horse.

Then on Monday at 1pm, all 5 Trainers continue their work with their horses in the round pens. Some will choose to leave the round pens and ride their horse in the arena as they prepare their horses for the obstacle course. They will have two 30 minute sessions to work with their horse, with a 10 minute break in between. 

On Tuesday at 1 pm, all 5 Trainers will each have 10 minutes to ride their horse thru the obstacle course, one at a time. The Judges decide the Winner and a $1,000 cash prize, and a Buckle is awarded.
The Winner of our 2018 National Finals Event was Ethan Saffer of Lawrence KS!!

1.  Claude Roebuck (Sioux Falls, SD)

2. Brady Babcock (Moore, ID)

3. James Maze (Arlington, WA)

4. Clint Raulerson (Felda, FL)

5. Ethan Saffer (Kansas)
Claude Roebuck was the Winner of the 2008 Colt Starting Challenge held in Sioux Falls, SD. His program has a few basic principles which contributed to the win, such as: each horse is an individual, and each individual has a different personality, ability and learning curve. Every contact an individual horse has with their handler leaves an impression on him, and helps form his training level. 

With this in mind, Western Working Horse offers a complete training program for your horse based on sound and proven principles, yet tailored to the individual horse. Whether your horse has never been touched, or is a seasoned horse needing a refresher on his skills, we can take him to the next level of training. All breeds are welcome. Please contact us for pricing and further information about how we can help your horse reach his full potential.

You can check out my web site at
Biography and Contact Information of 
Contestants for our 2018 National Finals Event
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James Maze has been training horses professionally for 26 years . Specializing in starting colts, training and showing cutting horses, teaching intro to cow clinics and working as a farrier. 

James and his wife Linda are also Senior Pastors of Stable Beginnings a Cowboy Church on Camano Island, Washington.

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My name is Clint Raulerson and I'm a 50 year old cattle rancher and horseman from Felda Florida. 

I grew up on Florida ranches and have been horseback since before I can remember. 
My mom had me involved in showing horses at a young age in anything from Western pleasure to speed events and when I wasn't showing I was horseback helping Dad on the ranch. 

I have started colts and taken problem horses since I was in high school. I was fortunate enough to start colts for cutting horse trainers Ronnie Raulerson and Marvin Johnson through my twenties and learned a ton from these two and many more.

My wife Diane and I have three daughters and three grandchildren.
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I am a farmer, rancher, farrier, fence builder, and all around cowboy at heart. My wife and I have six children ages 3-18. We live on a ranch in Idaho where we raise hay and run about 100 head of cattle on BLM, forest, and private land.  

At eleven or twelve I began riding green horses for other people, and around fourteen I bought and started a two year old. After that, people brought more horses to me. When I got married I was working several colts a month plus shoeing. As life happened, my focus moved away from training, but I continued to take a few horses for others and to shoe for people. 

A friend showed me the Colt Starting USA challenge in Pocatello, Idaho. I decided to enter. Participating in it reminded me how much I enjoy working with these animals and their owners. Helping people enjoy their horses is something that brings peace and happiness for me, the owner, and the horse. Because of this experience, I plan to focus more on training horses and helping their people connect with them. 

babcockfenc[email protected]

Thank you Seventeen Flat for giving 5 sets of pop up barrels to our 5 Contestants 
A big Thank you to 
Partrade Company for sponsoring us with spurs for our Contestants.
A Cut Above Buckles sponsored our Winning Champion Trainer Buckle
Thanks to Cashel for sponsoring 
our 5 Contestants with a Cashel Saddle Pad!
My name is Ethan Saffer. I'm 20 years old working full time as a horse trainer at Rocking R Ranch in Lawrence Kansas. 

I grew up working colts and handling cattle in the cutting pen with my Dad, Pat Saffer. He taught me everything I know about starting and training colts. At eight years old I earned my first paycheck after starting a 4 year old quarter horse gelding. 

Through out my life training horse has been by biggest priority. After I turned 18 I moved to Nebraska to ride pens bu still picked up training horses on the side. This is when I started to learn how to train the horse and rider to bond and work together. My main focus is using natural horsemanship, which consists of using the same pressure and release methods as if I was the lead horse in the herd. You can find my training page on Facebook at Easy E colt starting and training. 
In Second Place was
Brady Babckock of Moore ID

In Third Place was 
Claude Roebuck of 
Sioux Falls SD