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- 5 ROUND PENS.....

The Minnesota Horse Expo Colt Starting Challenge will have 5 Contestants who will start, gentle and ride 5 unbroke horses in just a few hours. These horses have never been saddled, bridled, nor ridden, however they are halter broke. 

On Friday, come and watch all 5 Natural Horsemanship Trainers work their horses at the same time. They will have a one hour session the first round to work with their horses in their round pen. Then there will be a 10 minute break. The second session will be another one hour session. Each Trainer will take a turn explain to the audience what they are doing and why as they work with their horse.

On Saturday, all 5 Trainers continue their work with their horses in the round pens. Some will choose to leave the round pens and ride their horse in the arena as they prepare their horses for the obstacle course in the second session. They will have two 45 minute sessions to work with their horse, with a 10 minute break in between. 

Then on Sunday, the 5 Trainers will each have 12 minutes to ride their horse thru the obstacle course, one at a time. The Judges decide the Winner and a Buckle is awarded. 

Minnesota State Fairgrounds
   April 24, 25, & 26 2020
   Fri, Sat & Sun 1:30 pm
265 Snelling Ave North, St. Paul, MN 
Horse Expo office # 612-860-4645​
After paying entry for the Horse Fair, our event is free
Contestants Entered for 
the Minnesota Horse Expo Colt Starting Challenge

   1.  Claude Roebuck (S. Dakota)

  2.  William Hackler (Wisconson)

  3. Kaden Laubach (S. Dakota)



Biography and Contact Information of Contestants 
for Minnesota Horse Expo 2020

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of our Contestants

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